Gym Plugin Commands

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The new Gym plugin is officially working, so we will now migrate all of our systems over to that.

So the new commands you will need:

/ChallengeGym GymName

e.g. /ChallengeGym Rock

This challenges the gym of your choice, make sure you keep your team on you after doing this as as soon as the leader accepts the challenge, the battle will start.



Removes yourself from the queue that you were in.


/GymWarp Gymname Arena ArenaName stands

e.g. /GymWarp RockLevel100 Arena Rock stands

An Alternate to the /warp spectate warps, takes you to the spectate area of the gym. Learn to use this, as the spectate warps may not be around permanently.


/checkbadges PlayerName

e.g. /checkbadges Smushi

Shows the badges that a player has won.



Shows the Gymleaders that are online at any one time.


This will be updated as necessary, but for now, these are the important commands.