Character and all items + claim gone?

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I played on this server a while back and I'm just getting back into it now. Coming back I thought I would just respawn into my home I had set up along with a good amount of Pokemon (donated and shiny Pokemon and fly and colored chat ) I used to use the ATLauncher but now just use twitch ( dunno if that has anything to do with me not logging back into my character and location)

But I did check the /safari to see if my character was there and I did have some old captured Pokemon there which reinforced the fact that I was here on this server and not any other.

If I could just get someone to look into it that would be great. Same name on the account and like I mentioned earlier I did have to reselect my starter to check if I was in the correct server which I was in /Kanto first then went to see if my character just needed to switch back from /safari because maybe that would reset the fact I been away for so long, but no it did have Pokemon in the /safari that I caught and are still there. Also, my ranks reset From my Donations I made 

The server reset a couple times since you've been on most likely, you can sync fly and stuff like that