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So i've recently started playing again, and i know there's been a server reset and stuff, but i've also heard that you can maybe somehow get your pokes and money back? Because i had some good progress on the old server. The point is that i can't find out how to do that or if you can even do that anymore.

Also on my account here on the website it shows how much money i had, and i don1t have any of that now on the server.

You can get your Pokemon back by doing /oldkanto then /store [Slot], /kanto to get back to the current server then do /pokebank to claim your Pokemon. It'll cost you points but as far as pokecoins/pokedollars and even items you have on the Pokemon are not transferable.

I've tried using the /oldkanto command, but nothing happens for a while and then i get the message "Exception Connecting:ReadTimeoutException : null"

Sad about the pd, but if i could get the pokemons that would be nice

The server must've been down when you tried to connect xD, if you try again it should connect you

I've been trying to use the /oldkanto command again, even hours apart but i still cant get anything else than that message. Maybe its not available anymore?

Old Kanto is still available but we are having problems keeping the server open. So once it's up again you can join. 

Ah i see, thank you. I'll keep trying i guess, is there anywhere i can check to see when it's up?

It's up now if you want to try it ;)

It worked thank u! One last thing, what can i do with the old pokes? because i know u can't trade them or sell them

You can do /tradeable [slot], to sell them or do what you wish with them. I don't think you can do that command with legends though. Also that command will cost you 150 PP.

thank you!

My pleasure!