Stuck in Safari?

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It seems like I am stuck in the safari server. The last time I played was many months ago and I apparently logged out in the safari server.

I figured I'd come back and try out the new patch on this server, since I've played this one in the past.

However, I can't move back to the Kanto server because it is in 8.2, while my character is stuck in the Safari that's on an older patch.

Is there any way to fix this?

What IP do you use to join? If you're on 8.2 try doing /BOP

I can log in like normal using the us.pixelmoncraft IP. Trying to log in with the default play.pixelmoncraft, it kicks me out and tells me I need to revert back to Pixelmon 8.1.2. And when I do that, I can log in and my character is stuck in a version of the Safari that I'd imagine is a dated version (8.1.2 or older) and using the /bop command doesn't actually do anything. It's really...bizarre.

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Yeah I'd assume Lemon or a manager would have to manually take you to the BOP server. You can get a response from a manager a lot faster through the discord, link at the top of the discord.

The topic is closed no, since there came no further response. It seems like it's resolved. 

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