Pokemon Move Glitch

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Whenever i level my Charmander up and he gets a new move, as you normally would, i go to switch it for one of my worse moves but whenever i go into another battle, the new move isnt there. i tried to swap smokescreen for charmander's dragon move but when i went to fight it wasn't there. Same for His next fire move. tried to see if it was just a name glitch but when i used smokescreen, low and behold, it was smokescreen. He's level 17 now and still only has smokescreen, ember, scratch and growl. i dont know why it wont let me give him new moves.

You have to delete a move manually first to learn new moves, you can't replace a move anymore its bugged.

Is there a move relearner to get back the moves i lost then?

There is at /shop on the second floor or you can just do /warp relearner 

Topic is closed now, since it has been resolved.

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