How to Make Money

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Hiya! We have noticed that there are some issues with players making money, with newer players often not knowing how to make money at all. There are multiple ways to make money, some that you can do on your own and some that require interaction with other players. You may find that different methods are more profitable at different points of your time on the server. Some will help you more earlier on when you don't have a s, while others will be more viable after you have begun to establish yourself. This guide will list and explain the more common ways to make money on the server. You can do some or all of them, whichever methods appeal to you.

A general note, while it's unlikely to happen if you are vigilant, scams do happen on the rare occasion. If there is no proof, there's very little we'll be able to do to help. It is recommended to take screenshots or a chat log of any deals that you are making with players so that there is a record, just in case.

The Pokemart


Our Pokemart is found at /shop and has several NPCs that will allow you to sell certain items back to the server. While you're out battling wild Pokemon, your inventory will fill with undesirable items, several of which can be sold to the Pokemart. It's recommended that you keep a chest at home where you store the junk to sell later or just immediately go to the Pokemart and sell it all off. The output may be a bit low, but it's an excellent way to make money when starting out or supplementing your balance when you've moved on to other forms of making money. A list of sellback items can be found below.



Battling NPCs


While you are out searching for Pokemon, you will often find NPCs that you can battle for money. The higher the NPCs level, the more money you will get. You can often find NPCs spawning around /center, as well as the custom NPCs at /warp Pewter, Cerulean, Vermilion, Celadon, and Fuchsia. Bring a decent team if you plan to challenge the custom NPCs!




Capturing and breeding Pokemon to sell to other players is one of the more lucrative ways to make money. Battlers are often looking to buy Pokemon to use in their teams and newer breeders may look for Pokemon to jumpstart their own breeding process, so learning how to breed and which ones are desirable is a very good idea. Breeding requires knowledge so I recommend reading our breeding guide and getting used to checking the Pixelmon wiki. It's also good to note that our server does not use breeding environments so you don't need to place certain blocks near the ranch as described in the wiki. If you need a ranch, you can craft one or purchase one from the Breeding/Evo NPC at /shop. Once you have finished breeding some Pokemon that you would like to sell, keep an eye out in chat to see if people are looking for breeders or advertise what you have with a price and see if anyone wants to buy. Just don't go overboard with the advertising. ;)


Selling Items


One of the most lucrative ways to make money on the server is to sell items to other players. You will often see players looking to buy certain items in chat so keep an eye out and you will eventually see one that wants an item you have. Send that person a message and see if you can set up a deal. Alternatively, you can advertise an item you have with a price and see if anyone wants to purchase it. A step up from this is building and maintaining your own shop. This method takes a bit of work, but can be very enjoyable by not only getting money, but meeting players on the server. You'll need to build yourself a shop and list your items with their prices, although you can also make a shop for bred Pokemon. It's also recommended to set a warp outside your shop doors so players can easily browse your goods. Setting a warp costs 1000 PD and the command to set one is /setwarp <name>. After you have your shop and your inventory, advertise your warp in chat, if you've set one. Otherwise, players will have to teleport to you to look at your shop. Remember to be reasonable with your prices. Pricing too high can drive customers away, but pricing too low can end up wasting your time. This server does not have a sign shop plugin for players, but you can use /safetrade <name> to buy and sell items.

If you have friends helping you with your shop, it is recommended to keep access to the shop's inventory limited and having a way of keeping track of what has been sold.


Find Hunt Pokemon


We have a plugin on our server that lists four Pokemon for you to hunt for and catch. You can see the list of Pokemon by typing /hunt and holding your cursor over the text to get further information. The Pokemon will be found in the wild and will have flames around it to help identify it. Using the /wiki command can be helpful when trying to find the spawn location for these Pokemon. Catching any of the Pokemon on the list will give that Pokemon a boost in IVs. If you catch a Pokemon with one of the three listed natures, you will get an even greater IV boost as well as additional rewards such as money, Pokeballs, Rare Candy, and various other items.




Another plugin that you will see on our server is the trivia plugin. Every few minutes, a question will be asked in the general chat. Be the first person to answer the question correctly and you will receive 10-50 PD along with a couple other goodies. The payout isn't much, but it's a good excuse to brush up on your Pokemon knowledge.




This option helps both you and the server. By visiting this page or typing /vote in-game, you will be given a list of links that allow you to vote for the server. Enter your username, fill out the captcha, and you will receive a reward on the server. This reward can include money, points, claimblocks, Rare Candy, and various other items. These links can be voted on every 24 hours, so make sure you keep up on it every day to make sure you get all of your rewards, not to mention help us out quite a bit.

If any of these links are broken, please report them to a staff member.


We hope this guide will be helpful to you. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This guide is meant to show players some methods of making money fairly easy. This is not the place to post everyones money making methods however.