Pixelmon Pokebank

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The long wait for /oldkanto is over, you can now transfer pokemon from the old server again.
To get back to the main server type /kanto or /bop

The pokebank is updated, and thus pokemon transfers are enabled again but with a set of changes:

A pokemon transfer will have a base cost of 100 pixelmon-points per transfer with an additional charge for legendaries of 400 pixelmon-points which makes the total for a legendary transfer 500 pixelmon-points.

Ditto is excluded to be able to transfer and when a pokemon goes from the OLD server to the NEW server it will be Neutered and Untradeable.

You can never UN-Neuter a pokemon, but you can make a pokemon tradeable again with the new /tradeable command for 150 pixelmon-points.
Legendaries are excluded to make tradeable again.

You can go to the old server by /oldkanto and use the pokebank system as you know it with /store <slot>respectively to store pokemon, and on the new server do /pokebank to see what's inside your storage and to claim it. /pokebank all just claims everything in there.

Oh and PS: We take your held item upon storing if you transfer from oldkanto to bop.

The pokemon transfer system /pokebank has been updated with /storebox 1-128.
The same rules apply, pokemon transferred from oldkanto, (soon oldoldkanto), the normal pokemon will be made unbreedable and legendaries untradeable.
It costs 100 points per normal pokemon and 500 points per legend to transfer.

Costs will be automatically taken when you store either with /store 1-6
or /storebox 1-128