Pixelmoncraft Rules

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PixelmonCraft Rules

The following are rules to follow while connecting to the PixelmonCraft family of servers. Failure to follow the posted rules will result in punishment and, if proven severe enough, a ban from the servers. Please note that staff members have final say while enforcing these rules. 


1. Be Respectful

  • Be Respectful, and respect all other players, staff, builders and elite-4 members. Harassment, discrimination, griefing, etc. are disrespectful acts and will not be tolerated.
  • If you have a problem with the way a player is treating you please bring this up with a staff member privately, making complaints about other players in public could break this rule, so it is always better to bring this up privately to staff.
  • If you have a problem with the way a staff member has treated you, please take it up with a staff manager. Bringing these types of issues up in public serves no purpose and could break this rule.


2. No Offensive Language

  • Language: Be an adult about it. We are not in High School and you are not a sailor. Expletives and implied swearing are okay. Cursing in excess will not be tolerated. Using curse words to attack another member of the community will not be tolerated. 
  • No: Sexist Remarks, Discrimination of any kind, Hate Speech or things that would be considered not safe for work.
  • Private messages are moderated to a lesser degree. However, Racism, Sexism, and other hate speech still won't be tolerated even if said in private and even if both parties are friends. 

Note: Usage of acronyms still counts as offensive terms. Player usernames or prefixes that conflict with this rule will be warned to change. After no action is taken, the user in question will then be name-banned and will not be able to join the server until the offending name has been remedied.  


3. No Spam

  • Only max. 2 messages with the same content per chat window.
  • Max of 5 of the same character in one message.
  • No spacing out of characters.
  • No excessive role-playing in general chat.
  • Alternate caps are allowed, as long as they’re used for jokes.
  • No caps lock.


4. Begging

  • Begging is not allowed and will not be tolerated. You will be warned and if you continue to beg, you will be muted. If another player is willing to be generous, that is on them. Staff will not tolerate it. There are means within the game for all that you will or may need. ie play the game.


 5. No Theft

  • Taking anything that is not yours (if you are trusted or not) or ripping off someone via scam are examples of theft. If the land is not claimed, blocks etc are up for grabs. Please claim your land. It is your responsibility.


  6. No Cheating

Examples of cheating:

  •  Abusing a glitch or fault in the game for personal gain is not allowed. (1.12 fishing glitch is ok.)
  • Abusing a mod that gives you an unfair advantage over others (i.e. x-ray, gameshark).
  • Using a hacked client or third-party program.
  • Not reporting a glitch that can be used for personal gain.
  • Using a texture pack that gives you unfair advantages (e.g.: x-ray).

7. No Real World Item Trading

  • No in-game items, pokemon, money or other currency, or services for anything outside the server. (E.g: You pay someone 5€ to receive 50,000PD, or you let someone build your house for a 20€ Amazon gift card.)

8. Gambling

  • Gambling is allowed, but staff will not enforce betting/gambling of any kind. (i.e. The winner of a battle gets money or casinos.)
  • If you win money during gambling/betting, staff will not force the other person to give you the money.

If something about the gamble/bet was rigged, there's nothing staff will do about it. The betting and gambling were based on the trust of the other individual of the community.  


9. Catching Legendaries

  • When a legendary spawns, do not beg for it. Do not flood chat asking for it. Legends spawn on players, if you are not in the biome it states, then it means it spawned on someone. 
  • Unless a player is outright farming a legendary in the biome, legends are first come first served. No bickering or arguing or begging for you to catch it. 
  • Catching and collecting are part of the game. Please be ready to catch the pokemon. Don't be careless and not have pokeballs or beg for pokeballs. Be responsible.
  • 10. No Impersonation


10. No Impersonation

  • Pretending to be someone you're not is prohibited. (i.e. Pretending to be a staff member or mod developer)


11. No Backseat Moderating

  • Players may remind another player of the rules, but may not enforce punishment or threaten action for said rules.    


  • "You will get muted, if you don't stop spamming!" is not allowed.
  •  "You can get muted for spamming." is allowed. 


12. Map Art

  • Any map you want to make you must apply for via the Discord Map Art Application channel in order to get approved to make the art. If a member of staff finds your art and there was no application made, the map art will be removed and the claimed land will be revoked. 
  • You are not allowed to make copies of another player's map art without their expressed permission to sell or redistribute.  


13. No Advertising

  • We ask that you don't advertise other servers, websites, real-life
  • products, or YouTube channels. Your own Twitch channel is fine, as long as you're streaming only this server for that time and as long as you don't advertise it excessively.


Forum rules

These rules are for the PixelmonCraft forums. Everyone has to follow, obey and respect these rules.
These rules exist to keep the in game situation as natural as possible.
Not following these rules will result into a punishment.

Do not:

  1.     Flame or insult other members.
  2.     Abuse or encourage abuse of the Private Messaging Systems.
  3.     Give away personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.)
  4.     Send links to phishing sites or other harmful webpages.
  5.     Advertise for other servers.
  6.     Publicly post or otherwise share PMs with other users unless you have the expressed permission of the sender to do so. Private Messages are intended to be just that - private.